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  • that I don’t understand this deck and its imaegs. I have but superficial understanding of Wicca, so I cannot understand the imaegs, the symbols, even some of the card names, at least not without the help of your book.And I do want to understand it, the symbols that you put in, the unique court cards , and the Major Arcana grouped in a different way.Others said that this deck is beautiful, but somehow I see Tarot more of a set of symbols than art. So sorry but I may not be with the eyes to tell how beautiful it is.When the kit is out, I would write a review about it, after I have some good understanding of your deck, to let more people know this deck and Wicca. And I feel bad that I don’t write in English, it feels strange when I’ll write the review, but you will not know my opinions because you cannot it.So, why do I want this deck? Curiosity. I want to know and understand your deck, and share this understanding with others. This curiosity has led me to tarot, especially one inspired by Golden Dawn tradition, and I’m curious now to discover why it has led me to this deck.And what interested me in this deck is something that I cannot name yet, but know is different from what’s in the decks that I’m familiar with.I guess I didn’t really have much to say about why I want this deck, but the truth is that I just have to have it.Thanks for your generosity of giving away free decks, thanks for your work well done, and thanks again for letting me translate your posts:pp.s. Should I be a winner, could you please sign the deck? I would be very honored.

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